June 25, 2008 - Welcome to the new Team MatherMotorsport, LLC website!

Our sponsor list is still growing!  We'd like to welcome Michael L. Davis Insurance! Team MatherMotorsport's assets are all covered by MLDavis Insurance.  So if the the worst should happen, like the racecar is stolen, or the trailer is damaged, Team MatherMotorsport is protected by MLDavis Insurance's Competition Vehicle Policy.
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For additional information please email us at info@TeamMatherMotorsport.com
May 7, 2008 - Team MatherMotorsport has acquired its new trailer!  As the team grows, so does its transportation needs.  The trailer is a 2008 MTI 31' enclosed trailer.  
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August 17, 2008 - Race reports are uploaded for the Dog Days of Summer National at Grattan and the Drive the Autobahn!  Click on the Schedule and Results page, then click on the Event for the report!
Team MatherMotorsport Earns Fourth Place in Points!

September 2, 2008 - Adrian, MI

The final point count is in and Team MatherMotorsport driver, Phil Mather, has earned fourth place in the SCCA Great Lakes Division National points standings!  This means that Team MatherMotorsport is officially returning to the SCCA National Championship Runoffs in Topeka, Kansas October 6 - 12.  Keep an eye on this page for qualifying reports live from Kansas!
SCCA Runoffs Link
Great Lakes Division SCCA
Team MatherMotorsport Qualifying Update

October 8, 2008 - Topeka, KS

Team MatherMotorsport arrived in Topeka, Kansas on Sunday ready to go for three days of qualifying.  Monday's and Tuesday's qualifying sessions are complete.  Wednesday there are no on-track sessions, but still lots of work to do.  Thursday is the final qualifying session.

Live timing and scoring can be seen at the SCCA website: http://www.livetiming.net/SCCA/RunOffs/LiveTiming.asp

Thursday's qualifying will be at 8:00 a.m. CT.  Friday's Championship SpecMiata race will be held at 3:15 p.m. CT.

Monday's qualifying went as expected.  Phil Mather decided to treat the first two qualifying sessions as practice and tuning since it has been a year since his last visit to the race track.  He was up to speed quickly, besting his initial qualifying times from last year by over one second.  The second qualifying session out was hampered by water crossing the track in a couple of places due to heavy rains that morning.  However, when the lap was divided into different sectors, he had gained over one and a half seconds in all areas except for the section with standing water and mud on it.    The weather looks very good for Thursday's qualifying and for Friday's race.  Keep your eyes here for final results and race coverage!
Team MatherMotorsport Final Results - Top 20 in the
Nation at Heartland Park Topeka!

October 10, 2008 - Topeka, KS

Team MatherMotorsport and Phil Mather earns a top 20 finish in the 45th annual SCCA National Championship Runoffs!

Final qualifying was held on Thursday with perfect track and weather conditions.  Mather gained over two seconds per lap to start in 25th position against 29 of the best SpecMiata racers in the country. 

The start was almost chaotic with cars diving into the first turn three or four wide.  At the end of the first lap, Mather had moved up a couple of positions and was wheel to wheel with a fellow competitor.  In turn 12 of the 14 turn, 2.5 mile road course, there was slight contact, but no damage done (except for a tire mark and slightly dented fender).  The next lap, going into turn one, the car just behind Mather was trying for a pass and ended up spinning in turn two.  With cars still running side by side, another car spun out of Mather's way exiting turn 10, allowing Mather to gain more ground.  Things calmed down for the next few laps with Mather chasing down several cars in front of him with a gap of several car lengths behind. 

About half way through the race exiting the very high speed (90 mph+) chicane in the back stretch, Mather ran a little wide on the exit and dropped two wheels off into the dirt.  This slowed him enough for the following car, #32,  to gain some ground.  The battle began from here.  20th and 21st position were swapped several times throughout the rest of the race, often a couple of times per lap.  Mather held on to finish 20th position on track by 0.056 seconds!.

Post race inspection of the top six cars, however, turned up some rules violations, disqualifying two cars, moving Mather up to 18th position overall!  Full results can be seen here: http://www.scca.com/documents/resultfiles/12416_SM%20Race%20Final.pdf

"The CG-Lock / Royal Purple SpecMiata ran flawlessly all week long.  The Race Engineering engine was producing excellent power all week.  I'd like to thank all my sponsors for their support this race season."

CG-Lock and SeatSnug have been extremely supportive throughout Team MatherMotorsport's racing.  Royal Purple kept all of the powertrain parts running smoothly.  MLDavis Insurance has protected all of Team MatherMotorsport's equipment this race season and will be continuing throughout next race season as well.  DetroitDyno.com has helped keep the Race Engineering powerplant tuned to its maximum power potential all year.  Mechanical Simulation has helped with the handling tuning of Team MatherMotorsport CG-Lock SpecMiata with their CarSim vehicle simulation software.  Sesi Mazda, Carbotech, PerformanceDrift.com, and Ann Arbor Tire have all contributed to the success Team MatherMotorsport has seen this race season. 

"Extra special thanks go to my Dad for all of his help as Crew Chief of the Team MatherMotorsport CG-Lock SpecMiata.  His support, coaching, and wrenching help all year helped me concentrate on what I need to do, drive the racecar.

"This season is dedicated to the memory of my mother, J. Christina S. Mather, who passed away early this year."
Team MatherMotorsport to Appear on SPEED TV!
December 2, 2008 - Adrian, MI: SPEED TV (www.SPEEDTV.com) will be airing the  SpecMiata race from the 2008 SCCA  National Championship Runoffs held last October.  Be sure to look for the Team MatherMotorsport #06 SpecMiata.  Phil Mather started in the 25th position and battled to an 18th place overall!

The race will be on the SPEED network December 3rd, at 12:00 p.m. ET. 
Team MatherMotorsport Recieves TV Coverage on SPEED TV!

December 3, 2008 - Adrian, MI

During the airing of the 2008 SCCA National Championship Runoffs SpecMiata race, Team MatherMotorsport and Phil Mather received a tremendous amount of TV coverage!  During the second half of the race, Mather was in a heated battle for 20th position on track, and it grabbed the attention of the SPEED TV crew.  Team MatherMotorsport and their sponsors recieved several minutes of airtime and mentioned many times during the broadcast. 

If you missed the race on TV, we will be trying to get permission to add it to our website.  The official DVD's are on order and if you would like a copy, please contact admin@teammathermotorsport.com. 
Team MatherMotorsport is competiting in the Skip Barber MazdaSpeed Challenge for the 2009 Racing Season.  Click HERE for the schedule and results!