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Michael Davis Insurance at long last has come up with a product to cover your "Competition Vehicle", tools, spare parts and trailers while traveling To and From the track and while in your shop or in storage. Along with being a coverage you cannot rely on in your homeowners' policy (it's specifically excluded)our coverage is very affordable.

It's hard to imagine getting into a horrible accident and your trailer getting destroyed, or your equipment not being in the hotel parking lot when you are off to the track, but now you can protect your valuable racing assets. I would hate to have to start over without insurance.
Our Travelers Commercial Package importantly is an "All Risk" contract and more importantly is extremely affordable at $20.00 per $1000 of equipment value. Our brochure is available for you review and more information about our agency and products can be found on our website at www.mldavisinsurance.com.

Eligible Operations:
Race Competition Vehicles

Key Underwriting/Qualifying Factors (Including but not limited to):
The policy inventory schedule must include at least one competition vehicle
$650.00 Minimum Earned Account Premium

Ineligible for this program:
Vehicles licensed or registered for public road use
-  Vehicles not owned by insured or contractually obligated to insure

Preliminary Underwriting Information Required:
-  Application

This program is designed to protect competition vehicles from physical damage losses due to fire, theft, trailer upset and most other physical damage claims.  Other items that can be covered are spare parts, tools and equipment.  Coverage is provided while the insured items are stored and transported to and from events and while in paddock or garage areas.

Coverages Available and Program Highlights:
-  Written on an admitted basis in all states (no surplus lines fees or taxes)
-   Valuation of loss based on agreed value of insured property rather than actual cash value
- Coverage extends to competition vehicle under own power for incidental movement
-  No coinsurance
-  Expeditng and rental expense coverage included
-  Flood and earthquake coverage while in transit

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