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June 25, 2008 - Adrian, Michigan

Team MatherMotorsport Welcomes Michael L. Davis Insurance!

New sponsor, Michael L. Davis Insurance has joined Team MatherMotorsport for the remainder of the 2008 and the entire 2009 racing seasons. 

MLD Insurance offers Competition Vehicle insurance for when the Team MatherMotorsport SpecMiata is being transported to and from the races, and while it is stored in the garage or parked at the track.  Not only is the racecar protected against theft, fire, and damage, but so is the trailer, all of the tools, equipment, and spare parts. 

Most people don't realize that their toys, such as racecars, boats, ATV's, etc., are not covered under their home owner's policies.  This is where MLD Insurance policies can protect you.  MLD Insurance also offers a full range of insurance policies to meet your needs.  Go to www.TeamMatherMotorsport.com/mld for more information about MLD Insurance and be sure to stop by their website. Be sure to visit and tell them Team MatherMotorsport sent you!

Also, you've probably noticed, we have a new look!  Be sure to check out www.TeamMatherMotorsport.com to see the completely revamped website!
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